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My name is Nataliia. I’m marketing manager in Ecosoft for over 3 years. 

Since 24 February 2022 I don’t know who I am anymore. Survivor? Maybe it’s the most relevant word to explain my emotional and physical state.

Bombs, shooting, ruines of buildings, dead bodies on the streets… I’ve never thought I’d ever see or hear that in nowaday life.

War in 2022 became my reality more than 4 weeks ago. I woke up from the alarm in Kyiv on February, 24. I saw only confused and scared people on the streets, who took their staff and were going somewhere. I didn’t know what to do, still don’t know. 

Thank God, I’m in a safe place right now, but my family, friends and colleagues are still in Ukraine, some of them just inside the ‘hot spots’.

I read news all the time, I’m still afraid of loud sounds, because I think that I will have to go to the bomb shelter again or a bomb will explode somewhere near.

I don’t understand people, companies that still work with terrorists who made lives of Ukrainians horrible. What stops them? Money? That’s bloody money, covered with the blood of Ukrainians. They don’t care about lives, they don’t care about people, they just kill us…

Stop! Stop working with such companies! Stop buying their products! Do not support killers.

I’m proud of our army, volunteers, all the people who protect and help us. 

We are a strong and free nation. We will rebuild everything, we will be even stronger. We just need support and faith in our victory.

Thanks to all who help our people and already support us in Ukraine and all around the world. Now we all are one worldwide community. 

The war is reality. It’s now. It’s near all of you. It’s in Ukraine.

#Ecosoftstory #stopwarinUkraine #stopworkwithrussia